Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yet another exhibition

Today my friend and I found our way to the James Cohan Gallery to see the tapestry exhibition. I didn't know what to expect because I had read that it was all work by artists who do not usually work in this medium. Wow, they were fantastic!!!
They were big, amazing art pieces. And I don't know what other mediums the artists usually use but they are good at tapestry. We were allowed to take some pictures too, I was quite surprised by this. I will try to put some up in the coming days, we are determined to work out what the problem is with the computer recongnising the USB. But just follow the link above to see professional pictures of the works.
There was a variety of styles and sizes. Some were huge. They also mostly used wool and silk, and something called artificial silk. I haven't heard of this so will have to look out for it.
As we were near The City Quilter we called in there on our way. There were some interesting fabrics with New York specific patterns that we were taken with. They had packs of fat quarters that we got one of, not sure what we are going to do with them yet but we will think of something.
I used their website when I was planning my visit because it has links to other stores that might be of interest in the vicinity. I also like the store, it has some wonderful books - but I controlled myself and didn't buy any. However, I am planning a few hours in Barnes and Noble in a few days, before I leave New York.


theregatha said...

I have just checked out the gallery listing and am totally in awe of the pieces of work. Beautiful. I am constantly amazed at the creative energy of these artists.
thank you

Mary said...

theregatha, not only were they beautifully woven, with very fine threads, but they were HUGE!