Monday, November 20, 2023

Second labyrinth tapestry is almost there!

 I have done a little bit more weaving over the last week, often only an hour here and there. Today I have done some more, still plenty of hours to go but it is approaching the end, very motivating. 

As I had no colour plan I am having to make up the outside as I go. I am trying to stay true to the yarns I used in the beginning but I am also being rather random. Quite relaxing. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Hmm, might have gone too far.

 I played around with the printed papers again today - not sure why I did what I did but it doesn't matter, it was me experimenting, not for any other purpose. 

Last night I added alcohol dyes to the printed papers. 

Today I tore them up and then pasted them onto a larger sheet. I didn't like the white paper showing through, so I found some discarded notes from a course, or similar, tore them up and made them the background - most of which is not visible. 

Then I glued the torn up strips onto this larger sheet.

Not sure what I might do with it now, if anything. But it is good to be feeling like experimenting again. Maybe it is the lovely early summer weather we are having, making me feel brighter. 

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Almost creative!

 I am feeling a bit chuffed because I am having some creative thoughts!! 

I belong to a group of people who meet fortnightly to do paper collage. I got into it sort of accidentally because I had met the person who runs it - Anne Warren- several years ago at the Alphington Open Studios

Years later, we had some books to throw out and, being unable to just put them in the rubbish, I contacted her to see if she thought she could use them. The answer was yes!! 

She was just starting up a social get-together of interested people and invited me to attend. I went along, thinking I would only go the once but it has been a great social and creative meeting. We are very fortunate that the cafe that we meet at allows us to take over quite a few tables and do our thing. 

Anne has mentioned that we come from different backgrounds (artistically) and whether we could share some new ideas. I have been thinking about it and would like to contribute. Then I remembered a workshop I did with Kim Thittichai, years ago, and have been going through the notes from the class and the book that is related to what we did. (experimental textiles by Kim Thittichai)

So this evening I have been trying some basic stuff. So far, I have used a stamp I made at the workshop and have printed with it, using acrylic paint, onto cartridge paper. 

I have then found some ink dye and gone over the background. Not great art but something to play with. I will probably tear it up into strips to make a new piece of paper. 

And I have done another piece of cartridge paper, also with acrylic paint and may try some Procyon dye on it tomorrow, when it has dried out enough. Don't want to push too hard tonight! 

I used the remains of the paint on the stamp, on the left, and it is much fainter. But I don't think it matters as I will be tearing or cutting the paper later. I think. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Bird Art

I have been interested in Faces in Places for a long time - not sure if it is still an online blog. 

Here is a link to a post I did a while ago, in case you're interested.

It is spring here and the mulberries are out, giving us some interestingly coloured bird poo! (It can be very annoying when you hang out the washing!) Today I saw one that had a face in it, so took a photo, as you do. 

The other day I took another photo - bird poo Man in the Moon!


Thursday, November 2, 2023

Getting closer

 I have done some intermittent work on my small tapestry and it is getting closer to being finished. 

Only one more round of the labyrinth. 

Then I'll, hopefully, finish the outside in the coming week. 

Only another hour or two to finish off the warp ends, etc! Hmm, that sounds like 4 of 5 more hours, at a minimum, given the speed at which I am currently working. Not a quick process. But I will have completed it and that is a plus!

Friday, October 27, 2023

A chance to see some textile works.

 I had some spare time today in the city. I had heard that several people I know, or know of, had works in an exhibition at 45 Downstairs, a gallery in Melbourne. Here is a link to the exhibition.

So off I trotted. Yes, it was downstairs and I was able to get down and up again - not always a comfortable proposition lately. I am glad I could get to it!

It was textile-based, quite a large exhibition. 

There were works by people I know through my tapestry weaving group, the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria (Australia) and some by people whose classes I have attended at various events. Plus others, of course. 

Nette Frost

Juliet D Collins

Freya  Hillier

Sally Hutchinson

There was a large range of techniques and ideas. I think I am feeling inspired to try some techniques - once I get over the current inertia. But it was a good sign that I even went, so here's hoping. 

I am still working on my tapestry weaving, so that might take precedence - but now I might actually get on with it so that I can try some of these other ideas. Not that I expect to produce work of the quality I saw today, just that I was inspired to try. 

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Changing weather


I was out walking the dog the other evening and had to take this photo - sunset over Melbourne. 

Our weather has been changeable recently. This had been a warm day and I had waited till the sun was going down before we went out. The temperature was in the high 20°s and we have not had much time to adjust to that yet. It is especially hot for a furry dog!

Today was in the single digits for a while - it did reach the double digits later in the day but it also rained on and off. Ah, spring in Melbourne.