Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Making slow progress

I have been working on putting the edging on my vessel. It is very slow work!
I found some satin fabric that I got somewhere - probably from the sharing bin at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria. I am not sure what I thought I would do with it but it has turned out to be the colour I wanted for the edges. I have sewn the right side in, so that the less shiny back is visible.

I now have a new appreciation for anyone who handles silk satin! It is slipper and frays. But it is working so far.

I will have to work out how to sew in the ends of my various shapes so that they attach to the central part of the vessel but I am leaving that till last, possibly the last minute.

Here is the progress so far.
I took apart an old, unsuccessful, machine embroidery and sewed that onto the front and back of the vessel.
You can see the idea so far, with the separate pieces to be attached.

This piece is sewn so that it is now 3D, to be attached to the sides once the other pieces are done.

Today is 18/9/18. Hope they are done in time for the exhibition!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Two nines equal eighteen

Just had to post today - 9/9/18.

I am currently experimenting with making a vessel, based on an art deco vase. I have made a cardboard template.

Then I cut out some bought felt, have sewn some furnishing fabric on the back, to be the interior, and have sewn bits of fabric samples that someone gave me onto the front.

I have had the samples for ages and have decided to use them or get rid of them.

So far, I have made some of the front and back pieces. As the samples are so small, I have no spare fabrics to use on the sides, so will have to come up with some other fabrics that will match to some degree. That problem is for another day.

I have been sewing the tiny pieces on. I pinned them in place and then had to manoeuvre around the pinheads. I discovered that it is essential to have the pins pointed back into the felt so that they do not catch on the sewing machine table and prevent movement of the piece. Fortunately, the felt is think enough to allow this.

Because I decided to post today, and found the image of the template, I have realised that I need to adjust how I am laying out the pieces.

I haven't worked out how to get a flat base so that it will stand up. Neither have I worked out how to attach the side pieces. All very experimental and challenging. Hope I can work it all out.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Date again - 2/9/18

I feel as if I should post today, the date being 2/9/18.

I have been trying to come up with something for my Art Deco Now! theme. It is still not inspiring me hugely. But I have come up with a challenge for myself.

Having done a Kay Khan class a couple of years ago, having someone in our machine embroidery group (Chris Beehag) who does beautiful vessels, in a similar way, and having looked up lots of images, I have decided to see if I can make my own vessel.

So far, all I have is the inspirational image, found on Pinterest. There are so many images on Pinterest that it becomes a little overwhelming.

link here

I have used this image and a combination of others to come up with my template.
It is in pieces as I think I will do it a piece at a time and see how it goes.

I will have to work out how to actually make it stand as the template currently has no stable base - but that is for later.

The idea is to have separate bits for it so that it might be useful as a storage thing - textiles needing to be useful, or so people seem to think, given the question they often ask: What is if for?
That might be totally out of my ability range, hence the decision to start with the central piece only and see if I can make that much.

I have some old samples from furnishing books that someone was throwing out. I think they will be the surface of the central piece. I haven't actually got around to doing any of that detail yet, I am still at the stage of realising I need a front, back and sides design.
Waste not, want not - as they say.

I am finding this a bit daunting as most of the images I am using as inspiration are black and white, which do absolutely nothing to inspire me!! But the left-over bits of fabric are colourful, giving me some inspiration.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


I went outside for a few minutes this evening and was just at the right moment to see some amazing clouds.
I came in for my camera and they had changed - they were almost gone by the time I had taken the photos. They moved very quickly.

It was dusk, so they are not all in focus. Decided not to care, they were so wonderful.

Thursday, August 23, 2018


There is a 'display' (as opposed to an exhibition) coming up for a group that I am in, Birds.
I thought I should try to participate.

So, not wanting to be wasteful, I have used bits and pieces from a previous work and come up with a small (18cm x 13cm) piece.

I found some images on 123RF and have used them as my silhouettes. I am not particularly happy that the birds seem to be of different breeds but I am not too bothered by it.  It is a rather small piece, and birds of different breeds are allowed to be flying home at sunset!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


I have been asked to demonstrate some folded books done in fabric at our Play Day at the Embroiderers Guild. So I have been playing around with ideas for a while. 

I have been trying to work out how to make the book strong enough to stand, to be able to fold and to show both sides - which means making both sides interesting. 

Well, it is done. 

I had a lot of little scraps that determined the colours because I wanted to use them up. (This War on Waste is rather demanding.) And who knew that you could make such a mess working on something that is only A4 size.

As the piece was only on interfacing, and as the machine zigzag cut that in places, I have put the piece onto some heavy felt-stuff (not actual felt, some synthetic thing). 

I then sewed the raw edge fabric pieces. The back looked very ordinary. 

I put some fabric on the back and then wondered what to do. 

Aha, I thought. I never use the built in stitches. I will see what they look like. I had fun playing with those.
So I made the back relatively heavily sewn. 

Now I have the finished piece. I have no idea what to do with it. Even the best way to display it can be a puzzle.

Oh, today is 18/8/18 too. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

8th of August 2018

Well, it is a week since the last interesting date. Now it is 8/8/18.
Not much has progressed.
I have been playing around with the idea of a fabric folding book but have stalled.

I have laid out fabric on the interfacing, sewn it on to the separate bits and am now trying to work out how to make it strong enough to stand.

Who would have thought that such a small piece could need such a mess!
I have used scraps from other projects and that has changed the way I envisaged it - I had not thought to use those colours at all. 

I am thinking of putting it onto some thickish backing but that will necessitate leaving gaps for the actual folding.

That is as far as I have got. I will try to do some more work on it on Friday, there will be no time tomorrow.