Thursday, September 14, 2017

Taking it a little bit further

Having done the very small curved piecing sample, I decided that I would try some more experimenting.
I also said that I would make a third piece for the upcoming Ebb and Flow exhibition. As there isn't all that much time left, I thought I would use the technique to make something ebbing or flowing.

I had a frame that I bought from Ikea, so that was my standard size. Not inspired by the actual work, just something to fit the frame. As good an inspiration as any at this stage.

The frame comes with a mount board that is quite wide.
At first, I thought to use the whole size of the frame and not have any mount board or to make a shallower one.

I chose some fabrics and laid them out in the colour sequence I thought I would use.

Then I sewed a piece that would fit in the frame.

However, I wasn't that thrilled with the design, so I took a couple of photos to help me decide if it would be better if I cropped the piece to fit the smaller space.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, I chose to do the smaller size.
It still didn't speak to me much. I turned to my favourite container of threads and yarns and got out my silk ropes - not sure what they were originally used for, I got them at some trade show or other. They have been wonderful to use.

It is very hard to photograph something once it is behind glass (or perspex in this case).

The piece is now framed and ready to take to the exhibition.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Inspired by ... Ainslie Roberts

Our latest artist to be inspired by was Ainslie Roberts.
I remember several of his books about Aboriginal legends, illustrated by him. I used them at school years ago.

I found some images online but didn't really want to use most of them, they were too distinctive and I didn't think I would be able to make the inspirations 'mine'. Then I came across a couple of images that appealed to me more. Birth of the Opal.

I used the colours as my inspiration, rather than trying to replicate the image.

I was also inspired by finding a video online that shows how to do curved piecing which has always been a challenge for me.
I am intrigued by the work of Ann Brauer and thought I would start small-time, trying to work out how she might do her work.
I haven't got very far with it but I did manage to combine the A5 challenge for the Machine Embroidery group and trying out the basic technique.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Spring blossom

The blossom on the various fruit trees has been out for a little while. I have taken some photos, most of which are in focus. I just couldn't resist the gorgeous flowers in the garden.

The various trees flower at slightly different times, so I have a variety of just blossoming, full blossom and blossom almost gone.
Actually, this one is the plum tree. 

I am trying to come up with an idea for a couple of my groups and am hoping to be inspired by the blossom.

One is Transition. I am thinking of trying to incorporate the blossom to the fruit. But that is as far as the thinking has gone so far.

Another group is working on being inspired by an artist. I might use my blossom pictures and relate them to a Van Gogh blossom.  I have found pictures of his almond blossom and we have almond growing in the backyard. That is as far as that thinking has gone too.

I suppose I can be glad that some thinking is happening, even if it isn't developing an idea quite yet.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Finishing Off

Finishing off - not my favourite thing!

However, I need to put the hanging sleeve on the back of my banner quilt. I took it with me the other day when I was getting together with a couple of friends - and managed to sew it closed.
Note to self: pull the slack up before pinning.

Then I forgot to take it to my tapestry group meeting today. I haven't got a tapestry on the go at the moment, so thought I would do that instead. I remembered the pins, scissors, thread, etc. But when I went to start, no quilt!

Hopefully, it will get done tonight.

I also have a machine embroidered piece that needs to be mounted. I probably wouldn't have worried about it except that I am going to put it in the Ebb and Flow exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria. So it needs to be framed.

I haven't done any of my own framing since Frame Co moved to Carrum Downs - not close to me! Yesterday I took the opportunity of a relatively free afternoon to go down there. They were most helpful, giving me advice on different ways to mount it, what frames would look good, how to put in spacers to hold the glass away from the textured surface, etc.
Now all I have to do is remember how to put the frame together, use the spacers and mount the embroidery properly. Something for another day, not too far in the future.

Then I can give my attention to the next project - of which there are several. One immediate necessity is to tidy the studio again.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Just trying to do the last thing

I was reminded that today's date is one I like: 17/8/17.

I have done my sewing for the quilt top and just have to put on a hanging sleeve. Do you think I can be bothered??
It is always the way when you do the creating, the bothersome finishing off is so much less interesting!

I know I have a very good pattern for making the sleeve. I also know how to do it without the pattern. But I just can't bring myself to do it until I have found the pattern, which isn't anywhere I can think of to look.

Make myself just DO IT, as the famous football coach said. (John Kennedy?)

However ... I have also looked at the image of the piece with a border and noticed it has a major fault! No wonder it was in the UFO drawer.

The upcoming exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild is Ebb and Flow, so I can pretend that the skewif rectangle in the centre is ebbing and/or flowing. Or something.

I THINK I will put it in the exhibition, but I may change my mind.

 I'm still deciding which way up is better. I thought I knew, then I saw the distortion, so that will have an impact.

Friday, August 11, 2017

New from Old

The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria, is having a members' exhibition in October.
I thought I would try to come up with something for it. We are allowed to put in three pieces, plus another for the challenge.
The challenge theme is Take a Shell ...  I am not to sure about this one, might have a go, closer to the time. But, so far, it is not speaking to me. I did try something a while ago but am not that thrilled with it.

However, Ebb and Flow is the theme for the main exhibition.
I have looked at Pinterest (what a wonderful site!!) and seen all sorts of images that have inspired me. But I have come back to a piece that I started for the Living Colour theme, in 2014/15. I didn't finish it but didn't throw it out either.

I have resurrected it, in light of some of the ideas I have found online, and have spent quite a few hours refining the idea.
It started off as a simple patchwork piece, using the colour illusion idea that I tried before.

Now I have sewn it a lot! The idea is that the colour awareness ebbs and flows as we look at it. Or something like that.
I have added some random pieces of fabric, on top of the patchwork. Then I have heavily sewn it free motion.

I have finished the sewing, now I have to carefully measure and cut it, so I can put on some binding. That is for another day. Not far in the future though, I want to have it done and dusted.

I still have to decide which way up looks better. It is currently hanging on a bookshelf so I can see it as I pass by, then I will put it the other way up and see which appeals to me more.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another day, another gallery opening

Last night the Hatch Gallery, in Banyule, had its opening of the exhibition, States of Being, the Elemental Importance of Water. 
It is a lovely space and has amazing exhibitions.
Last night's was very well attended with a lot of commitment to the problem of water in Australia - we are a very dry continent, liable to the largest extremes of weather of any continent.

Works were from various visual arts techniques and were inspiring.

Of course, my favourites were the tapestries.

Rosemary Crossthwaite had a selection of 6 tapestries, all depicting aspects of water in the centre of Australia, notably, Lake Eyre. They were wonderful.

Due to the large crowd, I will have to go again to see all the works properly. But, not to worry, the exhibition is on until September 9th.