Friday, January 23, 2009

Just got home from taking my nephews away for a few days to Warburton. Had a lovely time, taught them to play the card games May I? and 500. But I have missed out on a lot of work with the felting - there are so many messages and so much work that has been done. I will have to be flat chat over the weekend to catch up. Hope the forecast for pleasant temperatures is correct or I will struggle to do the work.
Have just had the thought of going to the to see if they have anything I might want to use for felting. Will have to get back into the swing of things tomorrow - too tired tonight.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

OOps. Forgot how to put up a picture. So here goes again. I have done more work on the embellisher today, here is a picture of one that is reasonably successful. Hope I get better at this as I go along. I need to improve my designing skills. But, as I am just doing it as I go I suppose you could hardly call it designing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello, me again. Hi self! I am bored again but too tired to start doing anything interesting. So here I am again at my blog. Very private.
I am actually doing an online course on using the needle felting machine. I have absolutely no experience with this and have been unwilling to experiment on my own. I know I am a learner who does best when doing classes that have a schedule. So I decided to go that road. I have played around and have made a few samples (I might put a picture up just for the practice). Others in the group are rather good and it felt a bit intimidated. But now I have decided to just plough on and not let anyone else stop me - actually, it would be me stopping me. I have decided to look at what they are doing and think about trying some of the things they are doing. Or not.
I have been inspired to have a look through some of my old pictures and see if I can find a scene that I would like to try to copy but so far have not come up with anything. Will keep browsing occasionally. Have had the day off today, doing family things and not having time to get it all out. I have to put it away every time I stop and it is a bother. Anyway, I pan to have a good go tomorrow, hopefully complete the first week's challenge. Here are a couple of pictures of what I have done so far. They are just play pieces and I will try to think of ways to improve them later.