Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yellow and Green

My self-imposed goal of a post a week has well and truly been broken! Oh well, only I care and even I don't care that much at present.
I went for a walk this morning as the forecast is a bit dire for the next few days. It turned out windy but warm!  No rain in sight - yet. I met another dog walker who had had her washing dry in an hour and half because of the sun and wind.
I wonder what happened to winter, was it that two cold days we had recently??
Anyway - I enjoyed a lovely walk with Penny. We went to one of our regular parks and enjoyed the lush green colours.

The corollas were enjoying it too.

We even ventured into parts that we would never go into when the snakes might be active, too much long grass.
I don't think there has been a week without some dandelion flowers this year!
The oxalis is flowering.

The wattles are flowering - much to my horror, my sinuses REALLY don't like them!  And the pollen was everywhere as it is such a windy day.

All different sorts, different yellows and greens.
Lots of yellow and green, I can see where we get our national colours for international events such as the Commonwealth Games that are presently happening in Glasgow. Too many countries have red, white and blue on their flags, so it makes sense to use other colours. But we are not the only country to use yellow and green either!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspirational Day - I hope

Today was relatively busy.
First I was out at Kew and had a good view of the paper mills in Alphington, which will probably be demolished sometime soon. I have never seen them from this angle and thought it was an interesting view.

Later, I met some friends at the Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte and we had a lovely time looking at the various works. Of course, my favourites were the textiles. There were some beautiful scarves and shawls made by Michelle Mischkulnig. I almost bought a scarf but then realised that there are only so many scarves a person needs.
The three of us talked about getting together and working on a regular basis, we were all inspired to actually produce work, to have that interaction that sparks creativity, maybe to give ourselves goals and deadlines, in a more meaningful and collaborative environment than simply working alone.
Then, later in the day, I went to the opening of a show at the Tinning St Gallery. Three of the people I had worked with for our exhibition in 2012 have put together another show, Sieglindie Hopkins, Gina Gascoine and Mary Jane Walker. It was good to see the development of their art since then. I felt inspired to start working again - here's hoping that inspiration lasts.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Couldn't resist the date 14/7/14

As the header says, the date is a good one. I actually haven't got much to blog about, just have some pictures of a walk I took this week with Penny. Lovely winter weather, cold but not freezing, lovely green grass, lovely parks to visit.
I didn't think to take my camera (not that much thinking happening this week) but I had my little phone. I wanted to get the different trunks, the dark and the light but couldn't get quite the effects I wanted.
I keep thinking I could do a green tapestry for our colour theme.

Penny is wondering why I am taking so long to get anywhere.

Lot of lovely light trunks and branches. Winter is green!

I am going to do a design for stitch course through the Embroiderers Guild soon, so thought I had better start looking closely at the world around me again. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Super Moon over Melbourne

I noticed an article that said that we were going to have a super moon tonight. Unfortunately, I didn't see the article till after it had risen. Not to worry, the moon should still be out there. So off I rushed to see what I could see.
So here are my not very interesting pictures - who knows if the moon is bigger than usual, I used zoom and it was beginning to cloud over.
Zoomed in.

No zoom but cloudy.
It has been a typical Melbourne day, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, wind, calm, sunshine, rain. So I took the pictures while I could.

Even more cloud.

Penny came out with me and barked up a storm - there were possums in the tree. I only noticed one but the picture shows another set of glowing eyes (sorry to the possums, I use a flash and they must be blinded for a while).
It looks like a ringtail possum. 

It is a nightly ritual of hers to go out and find possums, then bark loudly. Neighbouring dogs joined in tonight. Very exciting. Not that the possums seemed to be taking any notice. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winter Doldrums.

After posting about the Winter Delights, I find that I have been in the winter doldrums. Not that I mind the colder weather, especially as it is not all that cold yet. I can't really blame the weather, I think it is me that is causing the doldrums. Not to worry, I am sure something inspiring will happen soon.

I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair recently. It 'almost' inspired me to start doing something with the fabrics I have lying around. Lots of them! There were some absolutely stunning quilts on display.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the quilter, or the quilt. 

Night Flight, Pamela Brockwell.


Kiwi Warriors by Dianne McDonald. It reminded me of some of the tattoos and doodles that I have seen so much of recently. 

Persian Panolpy by Jan Frazer.

Rings and Roses by Janet Treen

Abstraction by Cathy Jack-Coupland.
I think this was my favourite, so different from the others, quite textural.  
I have plenty of pieces of fabric from old workshops, including some online ones, that I can now see could be used. There were some works that used lino printing, or variations of printing, that inspired me greatly. So the visit was well worth it - as well as providing me with a lovely day out with a friend I don't see that often.

Dijanne Cevaal (whose online lino printing workshop I did) was there, with her Sentinelles works. They were beautiful and inspiring. I resisted the opportunity to take part in the her next idea, I have plenty of things to finish off.

I have been cleaning up, going through old containers and came across several unfinished quilt tops. Now I have to decide if I will try to quilt them myself or pay to have them done professionally. That is in the too hard basket at present. I don't feel much like getting out old work and quilting it, I would rather be working on something new.

I have also warped up my loom!!!! I do so little weaving that it is always a very slow process, something to be given serious thought as I remember how to do it. My idea is simple - I hope. But the idea is in my head, no cartoon. It will be interesting to see how it develops. I haven't quite decided how to do it and am going to make decisions as I go. Hope it works.  More on this soon - I hope.