Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspirational Day - I hope

Today was relatively busy.
First I was out at Kew and had a good view of the paper mills in Alphington, which will probably be demolished sometime soon. I have never seen them from this angle and thought it was an interesting view.

Later, I met some friends at the Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte and we had a lovely time looking at the various works. Of course, my favourites were the textiles. There were some beautiful scarves and shawls made by Michelle Mischkulnig. I almost bought a scarf but then realised that there are only so many scarves a person needs.
The three of us talked about getting together and working on a regular basis, we were all inspired to actually produce work, to have that interaction that sparks creativity, maybe to give ourselves goals and deadlines, in a more meaningful and collaborative environment than simply working alone.
Then, later in the day, I went to the opening of a show at the Tinning St Gallery. Three of the people I had worked with for our exhibition in 2012 have put together another show, Sieglindie Hopkins, Gina Gascoine and Mary Jane Walker. It was good to see the development of their art since then. I felt inspired to start working again - here's hoping that inspiration lasts.

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