Friday, May 31, 2019

Another attempt at a teapot

Well, the last teapot wasn't that successful so I decided to try again.
This version is slightly larger than the previous one.

I changed a few things, one being using some stiff interfacing as well as the two layers of soft felt.

It has been moderately successful. I haven't finished the teapot yet so will hold off on judgement, but the sewing has meant that some bends happened where I sewed, rather than a natural curve. This is really obvious in the handle but I will have a go at doing something about that when I have done the rest.

I also cut off the interfacing where the bends were going to be which worked well - so far.

I decided to try putting it together in a different order also.
I put the handle, the spout and the lid on the central piece before doing anything else.

I have sewn one side on. That is enough for tonight.

So far, it is less twisted than the previous attempt although it is not perfect - but who wants perfection??

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Marathon effort for a prototype

I have been trying to work on a fabric teapot. Stonehouse Gallery is having an exhibition and called for expressions of interest.
That should be interesting, I thought.
Yes, it has been interesting, challenging, time-consuming, frustrating and generally hard to do!

However, I have been extremely (!) patient and made my teapot, pulled it apart, remade parts of it, pulled it apart, remade parts of it, pulled it apart - at least 4 times.

Now I have finished, not because it is perfect but because it is as good as I can make it. It is still skewiff but I simply cannot face trying to fix it anymore.
It is ok - not great but ok.

I will put it aside and consider what I have learnt from it and, maybe, try to make another.

I used some stiffener that you buy to put into handbags. I can't remember what it is called but it is felt-like. I had some fabric that I sewed onto it. Then I looked online and found a Claris Cliffe teapot that I thought I should be able to adapt to make stand up. It has a flat bottom, is not round and 'should' be easy to make a template for.

Well, it sort of worked. But I hadn't realised how differently cardboard templates would behave from fabric and felt - the dimensions are different, for starters. And the thickness is different. But fabric is a bit forgiving and can be stretched and pulled, to a degree.

So I have learnt that my original design was ok but needed adaptation. Now I just have to hope I can remember what was adapted and how. I didn't take notes, there was too much changing going on. I have taken photos, so they may be of use. I hope so - if I decide to try again.

Part of the problem with it is that I went away for 4 days and took a few things to use. I did't take much, I didn't have access to all my bits and pieces and I had to make do with what I had. It hasn't actually mattered in the long run but it did limit some choices. However, I had 4 days of nothing else to do, so I got the majority of it made in one go. I have worked on it since but in a more desultory manner, home life being what it is, with all the distractions and demands.

I think that I have spent approximately 30 hours on it. It stands about 15cm high. At $15 an hour (not the basic wage), it is currently worth $450! Not counting materials, which might be about $10. Hmm, not going to make a living at this.