Monday, July 14, 2014

Couldn't resist the date 14/7/14

As the header says, the date is a good one. I actually haven't got much to blog about, just have some pictures of a walk I took this week with Penny. Lovely winter weather, cold but not freezing, lovely green grass, lovely parks to visit.
I didn't think to take my camera (not that much thinking happening this week) but I had my little phone. I wanted to get the different trunks, the dark and the light but couldn't get quite the effects I wanted.
I keep thinking I could do a green tapestry for our colour theme.

Penny is wondering why I am taking so long to get anywhere.

Lot of lovely light trunks and branches. Winter is green!

I am going to do a design for stitch course through the Embroiderers Guild soon, so thought I had better start looking closely at the world around me again. 


Anonymous said...

You are amazing Mary! You seem to travel along so many different textile paths . I have enough on my plate with weaving and some knitting now and then. Good for you. Pat

Mary said...

Thanks Pat, I don't concentrate on my weaving as well as you do (and it shows!) but I am hoping that I will be able to develop good design skills that I can apply to my tapestries too.