Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yellow and Green

My self-imposed goal of a post a week has well and truly been broken! Oh well, only I care and even I don't care that much at present.
I went for a walk this morning as the forecast is a bit dire for the next few days. It turned out windy but warm!  No rain in sight - yet. I met another dog walker who had had her washing dry in an hour and half because of the sun and wind.
I wonder what happened to winter, was it that two cold days we had recently??
Anyway - I enjoyed a lovely walk with Penny. We went to one of our regular parks and enjoyed the lush green colours.

The corollas were enjoying it too.

We even ventured into parts that we would never go into when the snakes might be active, too much long grass.
I don't think there has been a week without some dandelion flowers this year!
The oxalis is flowering.

The wattles are flowering - much to my horror, my sinuses REALLY don't like them!  And the pollen was everywhere as it is such a windy day.

All different sorts, different yellows and greens.
Lots of yellow and green, I can see where we get our national colours for international events such as the Commonwealth Games that are presently happening in Glasgow. Too many countries have red, white and blue on their flags, so it makes sense to use other colours. But we are not the only country to use yellow and green either!

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parlance said...

Hey, Marymac, I care that you keep posting. I like to read blogs that make my heart lighter. I'm tired of all the horrible news and dissension everywhere.

Keep blogging!