Friday, August 1, 2014

Light and Shade tapestry exhibition

The travelling exhibition is up!!
It arrived early in the week and we put aside a few hours today to get it together.
It is in the Handweavers and Spinners Guild rooms, 655 Nicholson St, Carlton North, Victoria, 3054. Opening hours are 10am - 3 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.
As usual, it was amazing to see the great variety of works and the varying interpretations of the Light and Shade theme. The works were limited to a maximum of 20cm square which makes it ideal to travel around the country (and New Zealand) for viewing.
As usual, too, I didn't quite see some of the images until I had the chance to hang them and then move a distance away. I constantly amazes me how much better some of them look when you stand back.

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