Saturday, August 16, 2014

The water isn't supposed to look like that!

For one of our exercises, we have to do a drawing, using line, that is in three parts, horizontally. Air, water and land. I have been struggling with this for a week now but had an inspiration late one night - these late night inspirations don't always turn out so wonderfully in the light of day but I thought I would persevere anyway.

I remembered that I had used my photo of the cliff in Darebin Parklands as inspiration for a tapestry, then as a black line drawing using patterns.

So I thought I would go back and take another picture. My original photo is quite purple and I haven't seen those colours for a couple of years. This photo has not been touched up, it really came out looking like that.
It is much browner now. I am not sure if it is because of the time of year, different weather or the clean-up of the creek that has been done in the meantime. It is not nearly so colourful now but it is still interesting.

I took Penny for a walk today and we ended up in the same park - it is wonderfully local, off-lead in places and very peaceful - usually. Today there were trail bikers there, they are not supposed to be there and they were very noisy.

The creek was a peculiar colour too! Whatever was in the water was making its way down the waterway. It didn't smell but it certainly looked bad.

So, being a good citizen, I rang the number and reported it. When the phone was answered, the person on the other end said "You're reporting Darebin Creek?" I think they must have had quite a few calls, very few people go out without their phones these days!

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