Friday, August 15, 2014

Design for Stitch

I have enrolled for a course through the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria. It is being run by Marianne Little. 
Marianne is not a textile artist, per se. She is teaching us about design and is not relating it specifically to any particular embroidery technique. I am finding this very satisfying. I am not trying to think of how I will apply the design exercises she is getting us to do, I am just trying to do the exercises.

We started off with looking at dots and lines.

Our homework it to look at the world in terms of lines and dots. It is amazing how it changes your perception of the things around you!
I am not a great drawer, as you will know if you have followed my blog. So I have taken some photos and hope to use them for inspiration.

Here are some taken on the way to the station and then at the tram stop near Flinders St.  So many dots and lines!

Who knew that the station platform could be so interesting?

And the dry and wet bits too. 

And the train electricity lines. 

And the deciduous trees.

It is making me look at the world differently - and I feel inspired to LOOK again.
Not that I have done any actual drawing or sewing yet, but I am at least thinking about it.

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