Saturday, July 12, 2014

Super Moon over Melbourne

I noticed an article that said that we were going to have a super moon tonight. Unfortunately, I didn't see the article till after it had risen. Not to worry, the moon should still be out there. So off I rushed to see what I could see.
So here are my not very interesting pictures - who knows if the moon is bigger than usual, I used zoom and it was beginning to cloud over.
Zoomed in.

No zoom but cloudy.
It has been a typical Melbourne day, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, wind, calm, sunshine, rain. So I took the pictures while I could.

Even more cloud.

Penny came out with me and barked up a storm - there were possums in the tree. I only noticed one but the picture shows another set of glowing eyes (sorry to the possums, I use a flash and they must be blinded for a while).
It looks like a ringtail possum. 

It is a nightly ritual of hers to go out and find possums, then bark loudly. Neighbouring dogs joined in tonight. Very exciting. Not that the possums seemed to be taking any notice. 

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