Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winter Doldrums.

After posting about the Winter Delights, I find that I have been in the winter doldrums. Not that I mind the colder weather, especially as it is not all that cold yet. I can't really blame the weather, I think it is me that is causing the doldrums. Not to worry, I am sure something inspiring will happen soon.

I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair recently. It 'almost' inspired me to start doing something with the fabrics I have lying around. Lots of them! There were some absolutely stunning quilts on display.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the quilter, or the quilt. 

Night Flight, Pamela Brockwell.


Kiwi Warriors by Dianne McDonald. It reminded me of some of the tattoos and doodles that I have seen so much of recently. 

Persian Panolpy by Jan Frazer.

Rings and Roses by Janet Treen

Abstraction by Cathy Jack-Coupland.
I think this was my favourite, so different from the others, quite textural.  
I have plenty of pieces of fabric from old workshops, including some online ones, that I can now see could be used. There were some works that used lino printing, or variations of printing, that inspired me greatly. So the visit was well worth it - as well as providing me with a lovely day out with a friend I don't see that often.

Dijanne Cevaal (whose online lino printing workshop I did) was there, with her Sentinelles works. They were beautiful and inspiring. I resisted the opportunity to take part in the her next idea, I have plenty of things to finish off.

I have been cleaning up, going through old containers and came across several unfinished quilt tops. Now I have to decide if I will try to quilt them myself or pay to have them done professionally. That is in the too hard basket at present. I don't feel much like getting out old work and quilting it, I would rather be working on something new.

I have also warped up my loom!!!! I do so little weaving that it is always a very slow process, something to be given serious thought as I remember how to do it. My idea is simple - I hope. But the idea is in my head, no cartoon. It will be interesting to see how it develops. I haven't quite decided how to do it and am going to make decisions as I go. Hope it works.  More on this soon - I hope.


theregatha said...

I am fascinated by the one you chose as favourite, it looks as if it is felted. The arabesque and Persian ones remind me of our trip to Turkey. Can it be five years ago already? Oh to be there now, the warmth, the energy, the beautiful architecture and color everywhere...

Mary said...

Yes, theregatha, it would be good to be somewhere warm, especially today. The one I liked was very heavily 'thread drawn'. There was so much machine sewing that different parts had buckled, some with circular sewing to give a different effect. I loved it.

mycamerandme365 said...

I was surprised to see that there were no 'No Photos' signs as in previous years. It's a good change I think, as long as the makers don't mind. It's showing that we praise the quilts enough to want to photograph them I think.

Mary said...

I usually ask permission but didn't this time because there were so many people taking photos and there were no signs. The last quilt show I went to had one or two quilts specially signed with 'No Photography' but I didn't notice any this year. It seems to be that you can take photos unless otherwise indicated. Maybe that is a reaction to so many different types of means of photographing things these days and the current obsession to document everything you do. Someone explained Instagram to me recently - not something I even want to think about!