Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winter Delights

The Alcove's Winter Delights exhibition opened this week. There is a lovely lot of work available and the 'opening night' was tonight.  It was great to meet some of the artists whose work I had seen at the shop but whom I had not met previously.
The ladies who did the setting up have done a lovely job - it is colourful, cheerful and attractive.
You can see lots more pictures at The Alcove's Facebook page.

It has come at the right time - the wintry weather is certainly starting. And about time too. As I posted recently, it is great to see all the green grass.
We were at the park just before the storm hit, luckily we got home before the worst of it arrived.

Some of the autumn leaves in our garden are hanging on, although most got blown away in the gale-force winds.

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parlance said...

Your hangings look lovely, and the other art looks interesting and beautiful. Those pear leaves show it's worth growing a pear tree just for the beauty of it, let alone the yummy fruit.