Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Television Watching May Increase

I have been doing some cleaning up lately, preparatory to some renovations that will affect my studio. It won't change things much in the studio but I will have to move some of my stuff. Good chance to do some sorting, I thought.
I started with a big container that was labelled Knitting In Progress. I found two projects that had been started. One was a fair isle cardigan. I had all the wool, needles and pattern. That went to Vision Australia where some volunteers will apparently take it and finish it off to sell. Whew.

The other looked much easier to go back to. It was a jumper, the back almost finished.

When I searched the pattern book I found what looks to be the date it was published - 1998. I'm pretty sure that is when I started the knitting. So it has been on the needle for about 15 years!!
The back is enormous. I think I was making it for myself but even now, so many years later, it still looks rather large.  But then I looked at the photo for the pattern, it was of a very loosely worn jumper. So I hope I really do have enough wool to finish it. I will be very unhappy if I get almost to the end and discover I needed another ball of wool. It is possible that a ball has been misplaced in the intervening years. I certainly hope not.

I have discovered - rediscovered - the relaxation of knitting in front of the tv. And that phenomenon of thinking I'll just finish this row, which will take about 15 minutes, or this section which will only take a few minutes. Hence the thought that I will probably sit on to watch shows that I would ordinarily get up and go away for.

Actually, it has already happened - I started the pattern all over again for the front and have realised I didn't do the last part of the back properly. Not to worry, I won't be able to see it when I am wearing it. But I decided I should try to get it right for the front. That meant lots of pulling out and counting of stitches as I tried to get into the swing again. An extra hour of 'watching' some show or other while I got it all sorted out.


theregatha said...

Oh YES!!! that is exactly why I love knitting my easy to sit relax and just pick up where I left off, No exact design, no particular pattern just a project to keep me occupied. Enjoy the knitting sessions, mind you the focus on TV is minimal just another background noise.

Mary said...

Mine has a pattern, unfortunately, so I do have to concentrate a little bit, at least till it all comes back to me. It was good to be sitting and knitting this big thing on a cold day, it was like having a rug on my knee. I hope your blanket gets completed soon theregatha.

Michelle said...

I love stitching in front of the telly (or in front of my computer watching BBC docos on YouTube!). Best thing ever, especially with a glass of wine ;)

Mary said...

Michelle, if the stitching is hand embroidery, I can sometimes manage it, also knitting, as long as neither is very complicated. I rely on the music to tell me to look up NOW.