Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting there

I don't know when I started this tapestry.  Our local tapestry group set up the theme of Building. I didn't manage to finish it for our exhibition, it was shown as a 'work in progress', which was ok, as it elicited quite a few comments and questions about how tapestry is actually done. I suppose I could go back through my blog as it is a visual diary and I do document things here. (So far, the earliest I can find is a reference in July 2013 and it was on the way - I don't quite know when I started it.)

However …
I am ALMOST finished!!!

I have actually finished it on the loom.
I'm not sure what happened at the last part, maybe I got excited about getting closer to the top. The sides started pulling in.  I have pulled it out several times but eventually decided that I wasn't willing to pull it out all the way to the start of the problem - that pesky interlinking design got in the way. I would have had to pull out a whole lot of work that was ok to fix it and I wasn't willing to do that. I am soooo not a perfectionist.
Note how the different light means that the colours look different. 

I didn't have a great cartoon for it (it is based on two photos and a black line drawing), so I made up the sky. I am quite happy with how it looks, just not how it pulls in and is too tight. I think I quite like making it up as I go.  I used my Tarndie tapestry as an inspiration. It was based on a collage, and I had just used up hanks of threads. It confirmed for me that I like this free technique.

So I have cut it off the loom, will sew it up and then probably steam it, to see what might be possible in terms of making it a more regular shape.

I have obviously tightened my weaving because the warp is visible at the top, in spots, where it was not a problem in lower areas.
Not to worry, it is not for sale, it was an exercise in nostalgia (I used to live in the house) and weaving techniques.
I was observing that I should have done it sideways because of the many horizontal lines that had to be sewn but someone has pointed out that I wouldn't have been able to get the fine lines in the fence if I had done that, so I am glad she said that, it made me feel much better about my design decisions. (Thanks Julie!!)
Now to tidy the back, sew it down and steam it to see if I can get it squarer. Must remember not to stretch it where the slits are, or to pin them securely before steaming. Actually, it might not be so bad off the loom, once the warps can relax and spread out a bit. I will have to see what it looks like after the finishing off.


Elizabeth Long said...

Its beautiful, Mary! Congratulations on finally finishing it! I look forward to seeing it in person at the end of the month.

Mary said...

Thanks Liz! I am very glad to have finished it but I am disappointed that it has turned out sooo not rectangular. Still, the family members like it and don't care about technical perfection, so it is well-received. I will have to investigate ways to frame it that help to hide the trapezoidal shape of it.

Anonymous said...

It looks great Mary. You must be pleased! Who cares if it is not perfect at the top .... That's the keen to get it done or the excitement factor coming in to your work. I know it only too well! Pat

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I think the theme of the tapestry is more important than the edge :-)
The house is very nice and
I like the sky very much too! Congratulations!

Mary said...

Thanks Pat and Vera, I have steamed it - very carefully - and it is now less trapezoidal although not rectangular. I will have to think about how to frame it so that it looks ok. I am happy to have it done and yes, I am feeling more enthusiastic about doing another tapestry - maybe something that I can concentrate on my edges with, rather than the design. I did like doing the childhood house Vera, it brought back memories and caused reminisces with family members, so it was well worth the effort.

Glennis said...

Mary, your old house looks gorgeous. I really like the textured look, it works well. Congratulations on finishing it. What next!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis, for all 4 comments! I like the texture too, it is something I like doing. So the plan is to either do one I have been thinking of for a while, using colour graduation, and trying to keep the sides straight, with some supplementary warp (if I have got the term right). Or I might do a single colour with different textures and see what effect that has on perception of the colour. Whichever one I decide to try, it will be a sample and an exercise in GETTING THE SIDES STRAIGHT!!

theregatha said...

congratulations, a beautiful memories of an older era. Mary it looks fabulous. I am very impressed you finished it, only took 12 months. I have projects that are still in process after five years!

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I do hate throwing things out, so it was very annoying to see it on the loom every time I walked in the room. Now I can relax and think about something new.