Monday, January 11, 2010

Going to the Beach in January

Going to the beach in January is a normal sort of thing in my life. So some friends took us to the beach today. We headed north to a place called Sag Harbour. On the way we had a wonderful chat and didn't notice the miles passing by. What we did notice was the snow beside the road and the very picturesque houses up around that area.
It was a cold day again - about 24 degrees Farenheit, according to the instruments in the car. When we got there it was a little windy but not too bad. I leapt out of the car to take some pictures. Silly me didn't put on my coat but I managed to get some good shots before I got too cold.
The beach had snow on it, a rare sight for us, but it also had frozen water at the edge of the sea. How cold does it have to be to freeze salty water??

We were the only people actually on the beach - the one non-Australian in our group didn't leave the car. However, there were people wandering around the town and visiting the shops. The weather obviously doesn't put a dent in the weekend pleasure.


parlance said...

Whew! Glad to hear it was okay and you didn't all freeze. At home here we were discussing the question of the freezing of salt water. We're agreed it freezes at a different temperature from that of fresh water, but that's all we could figure out.

Mary said...

Parlance, that was my thought. I know they have been putting salt on the roads here when it snows, so I suppose the freezing temperature for salt is higher than that for water. But I still think it must have been very cold to freeze moving water!

theregatha said...

Oh what we would pay for some of that snow on our beaches at the moment. It is a might warm over here in Melbourne.

Mary said...

theregatha, I am not really looking forward to coming home to the heat, I much prefer the colder weather.