Saturday, January 30, 2010

Should be ...

It's summer and the eucalypts are shedding their bark. A great time to be collecting it for dyeing. I should be ... picking it up.
I should be ... dyeing some fabric.
I should be ... doing lots of things but I am not!

Today I took the dog out for a walk before the day heats up and I saw lots of bark lying around. Didn't pick up any. Gave it some thought but didn't do it. Holidays!
The lemon scented gum next door has lots of bark lying around, that will be accessible till we clean it up, so that can easily be used. At least it is not making the mess that some trees make, leaving their bark hanging down so that fires can run up to the crown of the trees and give them a chance to only burn at the top.

It is nearly a year since the Black Saturday fires and so far the weather hasn't been so horrendously hot and drying up all the undergrowth. Let's hope it stays a mild summer and we get through with minimal fires.

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parlance said...

Yep, minimal safe fires, cleaning up the environment but hurting no creature, would be good.