Friday, January 15, 2010

Oops! How could I have forgotten?

While reminiscing, already, about my trip to New York (I fly home later today), I realised that I had seen yet another movie - The Young Victoria. We enjoyed it greatly. We were also amused by the fact that we come from Melbourne, in Victoria, and that one of the oldest suburbs is Coburg - you might have to see the movie to understand this. I can't remember the exact date Victoria became a separate state but, at a guess, I'd say it was in the reign of Queen Victoria, while Lord Melbourne was Prime Minister. (Yes, yes, I should know this.)

But, even more surprisingly, I had forgotten that I had seen the prints of Gabriel Orozco at MoMA! They were amazing, so many variations of the same design, using colour. I didn't spend a great deal of time in the room as I was still trying to keep the Tim Burton stuff in my mind, but it was truly fascinating. A whole room covered by slightly different prints. And I am finding that I do love geometric designs. They were what appealed to me the most with the Kandisnky wordks also, although they were not arranged so mathematically.

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