Friday, January 22, 2010

Going to the Beach - again

This morning I went to the beach with my sister and the dog. It was a lot different from my last excursion to a beach.

Today the weather was overcast but warm. In fact, we all had a swim. It is a great beach for dogs, they are allowed on the beach till 10.00am in summer, all the time in other seasons. There were not a lot of people around and most of those had dogs with them, at least at the earlier time. As we got closer to 10.00 there were more people without dogs.

I do not go to bayside beaches in Melbourne very often, so it was a lovely change of pace, as well as a wonderful way to start the day.
We had a good view of the city. What looks like sunrise isn't, unfortunately, it is smog. There was a smog line visible right around the horizon but the view was still very peaceful.

I took some photos of the water, it was quite flat and grey but had lovely tones in it.

There were a few dead jellyfish on the beach and some smaller ones floating around in the water, fortunately not many. I tried to take a photo of one in the water but the camera cannot see into the water as clearly as the human eye (not today anyway). It is just visible, if you look carefully.

If you want to see the dog at the beach, go here.

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