Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wandering around in New York

Today we went shopping - not that there is much that I want to buy. But we are supposed to go to the sales after New Year, aren't we? So we headed off to Macey's, did a bit of looking around and had lunch there.
We walked past the Empire State Building but I didn't recognise it from so close up, I couldn't see the tower at the top. That is one of the things about New York, the buildings are so tall and you don't look up all that often. It is cold here too and people tend to be moving fairly quickly, so you have to watch where you are going all the time.
But we did go to a yarn shop nearby. It was an experience for us. We are not used to having to be buzzed into the building for a shop. It is called GottaKnit and they had some gorgeous yarns. I indulged myself a little and bought a few hanks with nothing specific in mind, just couldn't resist them. I am hoping that I might be able to incorporate them into my work when I start my course again in February. The shop space is small but the ambience was very friendly and I felt comfortable there.
We called in to Tiffany's on the way home. What an amazing store - what amazing prices! It was good to visit though and to see some of the beautiful things they have. There was an exhibition on the 5th floor that we went to also. Can't remember the name of the artist - very bad of me, I know. Her work was interesting and you just wanted to touch it, it was so shiny, smooth and had such wonderful, flowing shapes.


parlance said...

I suppose you can order online from GottaKnit when you get home, given that you've eyeballed the quality they stock.

Mary said...

Hi Parlance, that was my thought. I like to know what it feels like, how it handles, before I buy it, so that is why I am going to check out a few of the yarn and quilting shops around, if there is time and if the weather is kind.