Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exhibitioned Out!

I had not planned to go to many more exhibitions but I did set of for the Museum of Modern Art today. I wanted to see the Tim Burton exhibition. I got there relatively early and it was already reasonably crowded but I was able to see all the works quite well. There were a couple of school groups, both primary and secondary as well the usual run of tourists and locals. I had thought it was a bit crowded but overheard one guard telling another that it had been a reasonably quiet day! Glad I didn't go on one of the busy days.
The Tim Burton work was great. A lot of it was examples of him playing around with ideas and was not the finished work. It was good to see storyboards for movies, his early work with writing his own picture book, poems, etc.
I had not realised how many films he had worked on - I have seen a few of them but had forgotten that he was so involved with them (I am not much of a movie person).
This exhibition reminded me of the Pixar one I saw a few years ago, I suppose it was the connection with movies, the storyboards and the short videos that you could see.

After I had spend quite a bit of time at the exhibition, I decided to leave and keep to my resolution to only see one lot of work at a time.
I was walking past the Monet Waterlilies room and couldn't just keep going. They were magnificent.

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parlance said...

When you get home you might want to go and see the water lilies in the Upper Yarra Valley! Perhaps Penny could go with you and have a dip.