Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slash - paper art exhibition

Today I visited the Museum of Arts and Design at Colombus Circle. I went to the exhibition Slash. Paper Under the Knife. There were two floors of works, some installations were made specifically for the site. The works were varied and amazing. This art form takes a lot of precision to execute, some of the work was incredibly intricate. There were all sorts of interpretaions of the themes and the works were arranged into various themes.
I realised that I have visited the website previously, when I was researching paper constructions for my Experimental Textiles course. Who would have imagined that I would be able to visit the actual exhibition? I can't adequately describe the works, they were inspiring. I had hoped to get a catalogue but it was too expensive and, more importantly, too heavy to carry home. I will have to make do with the website, which is quite good. Catalogues never do justice to the works anyway, so I will just have to enjoy having been there and trust my memory.

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parlance said...

Yep. Trust your memory. Even if you don't think you remember, it will be in your subconscious, feeding your creativity.