Thursday, January 14, 2010

More art exhibitions!

After my visit to the MoMA, I headed off to Union Square to meet some friends. I planned to go to the Barnes and Noble bookshop there and browse for a couple of hours till they arrived. However, I realised that I had noticed an interesting sounding exhibition on W17th St and realised that I was quite nearby. So I decided that I couldn't pass up the opportunity and found the address.
It was nothing like I had expected, it was Himalayan art and a special exhibition of ideas about cosmology, Visions of the Cosmos. It was at the Rubin Museum of Art. So I took another hour and a half to look at some of the work there. I took in the exhibition I was most interested in and then worked my way around another floor of the museum but just couldn't look at any more art. I was exhausted, another hard day of being a tourist. I did manage to look through the gift shop though.

I hope I can keep up the interest when I return home and go to exhibitions and showings. There is so much to see in New York, it gets a bit overwhelming at times.

As I walking along to meet my friends I also saw a place called Beads of Paradise and couldn't resist that. But I was too tired to look properly. They had an interesting collection of beads, with quite a strong leaning towards the Indian culture, which I found co-incidental after my visit to the Rubin Museum of Art.
But I am thinking that tomorrow I will try not to go to any art exhibitions and will just browse the bookshops. Hopefully.


parlance said...

Visions of the cosmos looks interesting. I can't get the video to play, though.

Mary said...

I saw the video at the exhibition, it was of us moving away from the earth and moving through the solar system, then the galaxy, right to the end of the universe. It was interesting to read that it was 'accurate' when the exhibition had been at pains to explain the different belief systems and the changing scientific understandings of the Western world.