Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home again

I have arrived home and am desperately trying to stay awake till evening so that I can adjust to the time change as quickly as possible. I have heard a theory that if you actually get out in the daylight you will adjust better. In an attempt to do this, I went for a walk with our dog to Darebin Parklands. I had noticed plenty of pigeons and some sparrows while in New York but not much else in the way of birds. I assume that some would have flown south for the winter and that there are probably not that many species in a big city anyway.
So I was pleased to see the variety of bird species on my walk this afternoon. We were very excited to see a Kingfisher - we don't see them very often.

There were magpies.

Ducks - sadly, the water in this pond has toxic algae and is very green.

There was also a mudlark - in the mud.

We also came across a pigeon of our own.


theregatha said...

Welcome home. I hope you manage to stay awake long enough to have a full nights sleep. It is the melatonin that helps with jet lag, so a walk was very good idea.
Look forward to seeing some of your photos and hearing more about your travels

Mary said...

Thanks Theregatha,
I managed to stay up till 9.00pm (exactly 48 hours after I woke up on the day I was leaving), so I had 9 hours of sleep and woke at 6.00am. Hope I don't fade too much this afternoon. I'll try to go for a walk again, if it isn't raining!!