Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kandinsky at the Guggenheim

Today I trotted off to another exhibition. I'll be getting exhibitioned out! It was a 35-40 minute walk to the Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky exhibition. It finishes this Wednesday, so I am not sure how long this link will work.
It was very crowded, maybe because it has only two more days after today. He sure was prolific, there were lots of paintings and works on paper. I did not like them all but some were beautiful. I was also impressed by how he could do such straight lines, perfect circles and thin lines using gouache. (I know, I should have been impressed by more than this, but it was truly impressive to see such control.) I rather liked the works on paper, I got to see them after I had seen the paintings and it may have been the different setting, a separate room, not the spiraling gallery, that appealed to me to.
The building is impressive, as I am sure I do not need to tell anyone, and the areas for viewing the larger paintings were huge.
I think I preferred his later work, where he did more abstract works and where he used shapes and lines. His earlier work had very bright colours. We were given a free audio guide but it got to be too long for me, I was getting exhausted by all the information, the large number of pictures and the slow movement, so I turned it off and just enjoyed the works.

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