Friday, March 2, 2012

Windy days

We seem to have had some windy weather lately. I didn't think it was all that windy yesterday but a big branch fell on our and our neighbour's power lines.  Fortunately the surrounding trees kept it from pulling the lines out but it was still a nuisance.
Then we decided to take the dog for a walk.  While we were walking along the track we heard two branches fall.  As the walk was under a lot of trees, we decided to go home.
Then today we went to Darebin Parklands.  I remembered being there last year when a big branch fell.  I couldn't remember if it was the branch that I had photographed earlier (the one I am using for my current tapestry) or if a branch next to it fell.  That day it was hot and still, typical weather for eucalypts to drop their branches.
This is a very long branch!

As we walked further along we saw even more broken branches.  It may have been a combination of the recent rain and wind that made them fall.

There have been trees falling in other suburbs, so I suppose we were lucky it was only branches. It seems to have all been eucalypts that have fallen too.

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