Friday, March 16, 2012

Another version of the swans

The online group challenge is to make 12" square art quilts (which will be on show at the Australasian Quilt Convention in April).  I decided to use my swan images again.  I also decided to try another medium for getting my image onto fabric.  I used Transfer Artist Paper (TAP).  It has a slight plastic feel to it (and you have to remember to use the protective paper when ironing it!).  I thought it might give me stronger colours but I am not sure if it has.  I didn't bump up the colours the same as I did with the treated cotton, so I can't really say.

The computer image
 This time it printed out a bit pinker than I had expected.

Making an image to fit 12" square was another challenge and I ended up changing the design a little.

The TAP paper is in US letter, necessitating lots of remembering.  The printer, the printer settings, etc, had to be changed for each print. Once again, I had to print out two images to be overlapped to make the image the correct size.
It is also important to remember to reverse the image before printing as you have to iron it onto your fabric, it is a transfer.  I have only used it on cotton so far but apparently it will adhere to all sorts of surfaces, even non-fabric surfaces.
I thought I had managed it but when I measured the pieced work it was only 10 3/4 inches.  How had that happened???
Anyway, I will have to admit that my printer won't print 12" and work around this.

But I have remembered to put the quilt top together before sewing this time.  I decided to use colour in the border to try to pick up the little bit of colour that is in my pictures.  I think this has been one of my problems with the inkjet printing, the image I have been using is almost black and white, so I am not getting a good idea of what colours print well.

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