Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost There

I have been working more diligently on my tapestry for the last few days.  I want to get it finished.  Once I get this close I start to get impatient.  I have finished the actual weaving, now I just have to do the hitching off, sewing of slits (yes, I could have done them as I went but I find that I tangle the threads), the tidying of the back, etc.  That will take a few more hours and I am over it for today.
I started the sewing of the slits and am not sure which is worse, doing it as I go or doing it afterwards.
I think it helped a little with the ripple but has not quite got rid of it.  I will see how it looks once I loosen the tension and take it off the loom.  Here's hoping it is not too distorted.
Because I might try to make an animation of the growing tapestry, I have been taking photos as I have worked.  I usually took photos using the automatic setting (I thought that would give me better continuity with colours) but I forgot once or twice.  The difference in settings is quite marked.
automatic setting

automatic with flash

not automatic, probably depth of field setting
 After discussions with a couple of people, I decided that my ripple, clearly seen above, was probably due to a combination of issues.  One is that I may have too much weft in the weaving, from not pulling hard enough when I turn back to finish a pass (I was trying NOT to pull too hard!).  The other thing is that I probably had looser tension in part of the warp.  I tried to overcome this by putting paper under the warp threads.  It did seem to lessen the ripple but didn't eliminate it completely.

One thing I have improved on is the sides, they are fairly straight- very pleasing.


Michelle said...

Wow, looking fantastic! Your weaving is SO NEAT!!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle. I think the photos even it out a bit. Or maybe I am just aware of all the spots that are not so good. Must try to be less self-critical.

Vicki said...

Hi mary just saying hi

Mary said...

Hi Vicky, I missed you at the ASTASDA meeting. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your art show goes well.