Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swan pics and Photoshop

I have used my swan photos to produce one work which is in the Analogue:Digital exhibition.

It looks great on the computer monitor.  However, I had a bit of trouble printing it out.  I used treated cotton and our inkjet printer.  It came out much lighter than I had expected.  It was also A4, something I had not thought about.  So it was altogether too small. Back to the drawing board (the computer in this case).

I used the Distort - Wave - Square filter to break up a photo of the swans.

Then I cut and pasted some parts of other photos and placed them into some of the dark and boring spots. I copied and pasted parts of the image to put them into new files that would print on A4.  I even remembered to leave an overlap where they would need to be sewn together.

I tried bumping up the intensity of colour through the hue and saturation and it came out a bit green.  I decided not to worry about it, just play around with it.

Because the pieces were sewn together, I decided to just sew along some of the lines in the image when I was quilting it.


Michelle said...

Wow, that looks awesome Mary! :)

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle. It was great fun to play around with on the computer. I think I enjoyed that more than making the little quilt.