Saturday, March 3, 2012

March ATASDA meeting

Our meeting was amazing today.  Members of the national committee were down for a working weekend and attended our monthly meeting.  They all had samples of their work to show and tell.  What was especially interesting was the variation in techniques and outcomes.

Each presenter had wonderful work to show us.
We were also encouraged to keep meeting, running workshops, etc.  It took other branches time to get going and we need to be patient, as well as to keep working at it. We also heard about the different challenges each state faces due to various geographic issues.

It was encouraging to see so many local members there today. The next meeting will have a beading workshop as well as the meeting.  It will be on the second Saturday of the month as the first will be Easter.

Mariejka gave a talk about her resin work. She didn't demonstrate as the resin takes so long to set and it is not particularly easy to transport unset.  She was very informative and had some lovely samples to show us. I was too busy taking notes to take any photos.

Some of our local members also had show and tell.  The day was full from go to whoa.  I was getting a bit overwhelmed by the end, with all the wonderful ideas and examples.

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