Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fortuitous Timing

Today I visited Bundoora Homestead to finally see the About Time tapestry exhibition.  It has been touring for quite a while, arranged by Ararat Regional Gallery. I thought I had better get there while I had the chance, I have been meaning to go for ages and was worried that I might miss it. It is on till April 15th but time passes so quickly I thought I should go while the going was good.
As I was driving there I passed signs saying Event Parking.  Oh no, I thought, there must be some event on at the park, I hope it doesn't mean I'll have trouble getting into the Homestead car park.  It turns out that the Event was AT Bundoora Homestead - it was a Garden Tea Party run by Darebin City Council.
There were people all over the place, all out to have a relaxing afternoon in this wonderful autumn weather.

I was allowed to take photos around the house but not of the tapestries.

Darebin Mayor, opening the festivities.

There was the Preston Symphony Orchestra playing, drawing classes, croquet on the lawn, a tour of the tapestries with Jodie J Hill (which seems to be part of the Comedy Festival), an artist sitting with her exhibition, tea cosy making lessons and a display. I probably missed some other things, I really had only gone to see the tapestries.

This is a gorgeous stained glass window that was behind the orchestra.
There is an annual Tea Cosy Festival, run in aid of the Cancer Council of Victoria, in May.  You can make a tea cosy and donate it.  Entries have to be in by April 20th.  There is even a workshop coming up where you can learn how to make one.

These were on display, they belong to a private collection.  They reminded me of the embroidery my mother did, and some I did with her. 


parlance said...

Yes, I too have nostalgic memories of those childhood tea cosies.

Michelle said...

Wow, what a beautiful location! :O Oh, it would have been lovely to see the exhibition ;)

Mary said...

Hi Michelle,
Yes it is a lovely old house, just set in the suburbs but there is a big park nearby too. A good place to visit. The tapestries were amazing, the lighting really helped too. They were in what used to be bedrooms, I think, so you could get up quite close to them. I even had the chance to look behind to see how they were finished off - without touching of course!

Mary said...

Parlance, I will have to look in the cupboard to see what we still have of those old embroideries. I hope they are still in good condition.