Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Analogue:Digital exhibition

The exhibition opened tonight and runs from tomorrow (the 14th of March) till the 24th of March. I have  a piece in it but found it a hard theme to work to.  It was good to catch up with other students, maybe for the last time.  The exhibition is sponsored by RMIT Arts and Culture and is for current and recently graduated students of the textile and fashion courses.  It is part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. It was a chance for a few of us to take advantage of the chance to be in an exhibition.
I took a few photos, of the work of people I knew and who gave permission for photos.

Mary-Jane Walker, Butterfly Effect 
View of one of the rooms, mine is the small piece on the wall.

Linda Finger, Tumbleweed

Suellen Entwistle, Boro

As I said, the theme was Analogue:Digital and I found it hard, I don't think I do all that much that is digital.  Many of the works obviously had digital processes involved while others, like mine, used digital and then reverted to analogue techniques.  The melding of analogue and digital technologies was very interesting to see.

Actually, this exhibition is what has inspired me to play around with digital images and my home printer. There will be more posts about my adventures with digital printing. I have already posted a few, here and here.

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