Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More digital printing

The work I have in the Analogue:Digital exhibition is another combination of digital photos I took overseas.  I started to work on another 12" square quilt for the online group but got sidetracked by the exhibition.  I used photos I took a few years ago in Scotland.
I found is fascinating to see white swans that were swimming around in icy water. It reminded me of my many readings of The Ugly Duckling and how it was affected by the snow and ice - we rarely get frozen water here in Melbourne.
It was amusing to see the swans having to swim in line in the unfrozen water and to see them sitting on the ice. They must have fabulous insulation.

So I had a few photos taken around Stirling Castle.  We also don't have white swans here, so that was part of the fascination too.
Then, last  year, I was lucky enough to be walking around Hyde Park in London when there was a photo shoot to promote the all male Swan Lake ballet.
(I had posted one of these photos before and when I looked for it I found that I had yet another picture of a white swan.)

I decided to play around with those images and see what I came up with. You'll have to wait with bated breath for the next post.

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