Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking pictures of flowers

I am going to do a workshop soon with Jane Sassaman.  It is based on designing from nature and we have been told to bring images of flowers.  When I heard that my sister was going to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show, I thought I had better tag along. The timing seemed to be perfect.
The weather forecast was for sunny and warm, which it was.  Sunscreen slathered on, we took our time wandering around all the displays and stalls.
It is a very big show, taking up the Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building.  There were a lot of people there too.

I took photos until my batteries ran down - I really should have listened to myself when I said I hoped they wouldn't run out today!

I wasn't that disappointed as I had taken quite a few photos and was starting to think that maybe I should start thinking about what I wanted to do at the workshop.  I need to choose a colour palette and focus on some of the flower photos I have, not take millions.  But it is so hard, there are so many beautiful shapes and colours.

Not having my camera working also made me look at the show rather than rush around only trying to take photos of flowers.  Isn't it strange how we stop looking when we have a camera, we focus instead on trying to get the best shots.
Fortunately I had my phone and could take the emergency, must have, photos on that.  The ones inside the building are from my phone.
So I obviously didn't just enjoy it, I still had to take photos.  Must try to get over that - but then it would be so much harder to blog.

There were lots of stalls and displays using vegetation as well as art shows, jewellery based on flowers, craft work and other things I ran out of energy to see. Everything had a flower or garden theme of course.


therigatha said...

So beautiful, this is what I miss... the chance to just pop off to some exhibit or gallery. Thanks for sharing the images. Looking forward to hearing more about the designs that evolve.

Mary said...

Thanks therigatha, I do like living in the city. I am looking forward to the workshop and learning how to create designs from photos of flowers.