Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summer fruit

The garden smells delicious at the moment.  You can tell which nectarines are ripe, just smell them.
And my fabric is working.
The sun shines through

and it catches them (well, some of them).

We have left some out for the birds but so far we are getting most of them.

The lorikeets have moved on to the Granny Smith apples - they must have just ripened enough today and now they are all gone.
And no, we don't have several apple trees, we have one that has been grafted and fruits at different times.

The tomatoes have been struggling with the cold start to summer, then the extreme heat! But we have a couple of lovely ones coming in. Beautiful colours and patterns. Maybe I could do a tapestry of a tomato for our Colour theme.  Something to ponder.


parlance said...

Heirloom tomato varieties are so much more beautiful than the 'cardboard' tasteless things we get in a supermarket.

Mary said...

Yes Parlance, it is really noticeable when you grow your own - if it hasn't cooked on the plant. I think this is especially true of apricots and tomatoes. And the nectarines which are fabulous tasting, even if they are not as big as the supermarket ones.

mycamerandme365 said...

How I envy you those nectarines, the rats got all of ours as well as all of the peaches.

Mary said...

Thanks camera lady, we are a bit surprised too, the rats usually get to them. But then we heard an owl hooting during the night - at least, we think it was an owl. That could account for the good crop - and the good spring rain we had for a change.