Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Attaching all the bits of fabric

I am still working on the quilt, have been for several days now.  I forgot that if I lay out the fabrics and then stick them on with Vliesofix, basically glue them on to my background fabric, then I will have to sew them all on as well. There are a lot of little bits! There will need to be a lot of quilting.
I hope it doesn't change my design too much. I tend to forget that the quilting will change the quilt top to some degree. I spend all this time choosing the colours, laying them out how I want and then I have to quilt it. All that quilting will change the handle of the quilt too. Luckily it is a wall quilt so won't need to be soft and cuddly.
I think my preference when making quilts is for the patchwork part, rather than the quilting. So I tend to  concentrate on the design and then have to try to do unobtrusive quilting.
I found a book at the local library that has been quite interesting to browse. It is called doodle QUILTING by Cherly Malkowski. When I saw it I wondered why anyone would buy such a book but I did borrow it and now I am finding it useful to look at and consider what sort of quilting I can do that will hold down the fabrics, complement the design and not be too obtrusive. So it is obviously a book that people will find useful.
It reminded me of some of the doodling I have been doing lately. It is becoming a bit of a theme in the books and sites I have found recently.
I spent a bit of time choosing what threads to use too - as it is not for actual, everyday use, I can choose some embroidery thread rather than sturdy quilting thread. I don't want to use colours that will be too obvious, so I will choose threads that fit different parts of the quilt and change them according to where on the quilt I am working.


Michelle said...

I love your design - now that's the sort of quilting I like to see! ;)

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, it is definitely less stressful and less precise!