Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starting again.

I have abandoned my quilt top, it just won't line up! I may finish it later but I REALLY want to get a piece done for the challenge. So it has been put aside for the moment.
Now I am making it up as I go along.  It started out fairly easily, just try the technique I learnt with Olga Walters. No need to cut out any fabric, I had all of offcuts from the previous attempt.
See, keeping all those little bits is good.

I had a piece of cotton voile that was the right size and I had enough Vliesofix to cover it.
Then I laid out some of the largish bits of the offcuts in a horizontal way, using the unfinished top as a template.

I didn't lay them out too precisely, precise is obviously not my thing. There were some tiny spaces between a few of the pieces of fabric which meant that the much smaller pieces of fabric were now useful.
Then I got to use the long, very thin bits that I just hadn't been able to bring myself to throw away.  You get them when you cut with a rotary cutter and are aligning the edges, ready for the actual accurate cutting.
So they have been laid out vertically.


parlance said...

Ah, the benefits of never throwing anything out...

Mary said...

Well Parlance, it has been beneficial this time but there is still a big container full of scraps that need to be sorted. Doing this quilt has made me start to sort them into colours, now I just have to do the ones that are offcuts of quilts and are sewn together, etc. All too hard at present.