Friday, January 24, 2014

Still working on the wall hanging quilt

After laying out all the pieces of fabric vertically, I then had to take them back off and put Vliesofix on the backs of all of them, then cut them out again.  That took a couple of hours.
Towards the end I thought that I probably hadn't needed to cut them out precisely (which took me an hour and a half) but then, when I became less particular with the cutting out, I realised that you do have to be precise, otherwise there will be little bits of Vliesofix appearing on your quilt top - ask me how I know.

Thank goodness for modern technology!  I took photos of the placement of all those little pieces before I removed them to put the Vliesofix on and then spent AGES looking at the images to see if I could replicate it all.  I managed it reasonably well.

Then it was time to put on the backing, the batting and pin it all together, ready for sewing. 
I accidentally bought bamboo batting (long story) and it has been rather thin, not much loft.  I think there is too much coming through on the backing too, but I will wait till I have finished the quilt before I decide if I will use bamboo again.

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