Saturday, January 25, 2014


I couldn't resist putting this in.  I saw it as I was about to get Penny back in the car after our morning walk at Rosanna.
It was quite startling to see a little skull-like image on the ground.  It is only tiny and just caught my eye.
I took the photo with my not very expensive phone, so the quality is not great, sorry.
This is the sort of summer weather I like, cool nights, not too bad in the shade and hot in the sun.  So stay out of the sun!  And take the dog out early(ish).

I might even feel up to tidying my studio today - one can hope.


theregatha said...

A very good omen for those of us into symbols. Congratulations

Mary said...

Thanks teregatha. I am unaware of the symbolism, what does it mean?