Monday, January 20, 2014

More about our visit to Melbourne Now

After lunch, we wandered off to see some of the exhibitions.  Roger, the curator, had spoken about the MaterialByProduct exhibition that used works from the NGV collection to inspire contemporary weaving. So that was our first stop.  The inspirational pieces were gorgeous in themselves and were set up in a glass case that had a mirror underneath the fabrics so you could see the backs of them too.  I think I liked the backs as much as the fronts.

You can see a reflection of some of the modern interpretations in the mirror too.  

There were some paper cutouts by Sangeeta Sandresegar that I also loved. 

Then I decided to put the camera away and just enjoy it all.  There is so much to see that it will be necessary to go again.  


theregatha said...

Thank you Mary,
I just linked into the paper cut out artists site and discovered an extension of her work. Seems like NOW has some very interesting conceptual links for exploring design. Looking forward to getting to see the exhibit soon

Mary said...

Yes, theregatha, the website is huge. I have been told that there is a really good app you can download too but haven't tried it yet.
It is not a one-visit exhibition, in my opinion. It has so much to look at. It is at two sites too, not very far apart but still, a lot to see.