Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another hot day

I don't feel as if I got a lot done today, I just lose my oomph in the heat.  But the solar dyeing is progressing.  It isn't dramatic but it is only a day so far, so I may get a result.
The clear water has a slight tinge, the small piece of fabric has a pinkish brown colour, as well as still being white in some places.

The other jar has got a slightly darker brown tinge.  No sign of getting any green.
I am still collecting the hollyhock flowers, even though they are drying out on the stems.

I'll have to get motivated to soak some fabric in alum for that dyeing I suppose.  Maybe tomorrow.  Not that is it going to be any cooler tomorrow.  But I don't want to waste that summer weather, it must be good for something.


theregatha said...

Hi Mary, from my dabbles in trying to get a good green from eucalypts I seem to have had success only with the silver dollar leaf. The rest all seem to have thrown variations of brown - from pale yellow tinge to dark mud. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new batch.

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I have had a few quick looks at the jars - it has been too hot to stay out for long, and the faint brown may be all get. I seem to remember doing a workshop where someone went out and got some 'native cherry' - it was some sort of eucalyptus tree - and we got a very bright green. I may have to see if I kept adequate notes - probably not.