Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beautiful Summer's Day

It was a bit cool this morning! How wonderful. It is sunny today, so the temperature is climbing but it is still lovely in the shade.
I took the silk fabrics out of their jars and rinsed and dried them. The colours are not very exciting.  In fact, I was feeling rather blah about two pieces of crepe silk when a visitor said something that explained why I didn't like them - they are very reminiscent of the pantyhose we had to wear as part of our school uniforms, back in the days when pantyhose were a new invention and they were of disgusting, thick fabric. So no more brown crepe silk for me.
And the slightly yellow dandelion flowers were ready too.
The colours are not quite right in the pic but you get the drift. 
However, I also did a package of silk lining fabric that was put into black plastic bags (used Post Office bags) and left to soak with a heavy brick on top, maintaining the pressure of the contact. I put some vinegar in the water too as I read somewhere that it helps to stop the mould growing.
 That has turned out more interesting.
That's the contact one on the left. It isn't as purple as it looks here but it is ok.

While I was in the backyard getting the fabric out of the jars, the lorikeets were continuing their feast. They even invited friends, there were four of them in the tree. And they didn't seem all that concerned about how close I was. Despite their beautiful colours, they can be surprisingly hard to see in the tree.

There are at least two birds in this picture.  There were four in the tree but the sun shone on the screen and I couldn't tell if I had got them all in the frame.  Their camouflage is good!
I just hope my tree covering works and we get some nectarines.

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