Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lino cutting part 3

The last part of the first lesson was to use a different substance for cutting into.  I used Soft Cut carving block, which I got at Zart Art, one of my favourite shops! I learnt about it when I was teaching, it is a school supply shop that also sells to the public.
It was easier to cut into - I think.  It is softer and thicker and does cut easily but it also moves a little more than the lino does.  Each has its advantages I suppose.

It was suggested that we do a pattern that could be repeatedly stamped onto the fabric.  I used a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design (that I had played with previously). I thought I had cut the carving block square but obviously I didn't, the last row of my printing did not match the rows above as I had changed the orientation of the block as I was printing.

As I get more experienced and confident, I might even try to utilise some of the knowledge I gained about how to design repeat blocks.  I will need to be better at cutting than I am now as well as better at stamping, to get good repeats going.  Something to aim for.


Glennis said...

Hi Mary
I looked at your design before I read your speil and thought that it looked like Charles Rennie work. I too love Zart Art and used to do courses there on Saturday mornings in my other life as a teacher.

Mary said...

Thanks Glennis! I love Charles Rennie Mackintosh's designs but haven't really come up with a good use for them yet. I am loving playing with the lino cutting but still don't have a project in mind - maybe that is a good thing, then I am not limited in the images I am working with, trying to follow a theme.
Zart Art also has instruction sheets for a lot of the techniques that I find useful. A really good place all round.