Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Suspension - our exhibition

The flyer for our exhibition has arrived.  Great excitement.  

There are 8 of us taking part.  We all graduated last year from the Studio Textiles and Design course that we studied at RMIT.  It has been a great experience and has kept me focused this year.  The sharing of ideas, helping each other out with resources, encouragement, etc, has been invaluable.

Ilka White is our curator and has been inspiring and pushing us throughout the development of the show.

Now all I have to do is finish the work in time!
It is at the Tinning St Gallery in Brunswick and runs Thursday to Sunday for two weeks.


Michelle said...

Oooo, how EXCITING!!!

Mary said...

Yes, Michelle, it is a whole new thing in my life. All sorts of things to learn - about how to hang it, how to arrange the hanging, etc. I am going to have to learn some handyman stuff, definitely not my strong suit.

Glennis said...

Hiw exciting Mary. whose work on the flyer? Is it Saffron's? Shane I won't be able to get there.

Mary said...

Hi Glennis, yes, it is Saffron's work. I forgive you for not being able to attend. I hope the move goes well. I'll take pics and post them.

Glennis said...

Just read my last comment and I hope that my spelling improves after the move.