Thursday, November 15, 2012

The advantages of a small tapestry

I was able to take my small, portable loom outside recently, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  I am still struggling away with the experimental piece that I am not sure will work.
Can you see the bit on the right that looks like city buildings with a path leading up to them?
It is getting closer to being finished.  If I don't like the way I intend putting it together, I suppose I can go back to something like this flat look and mount it more traditionally.

As I have posted recently, we have mulberries in the front yard and I was a bit wary about sitting out the back in case passing birds did colourful droppings. But it was such a lovely day, it seemed a shame to be sitting inside, so I decided to risk it.

This loom is small (most of my designs are based on A4 paper that fits across the loom - approx 30cm) and I have a little table that I can attach it to.  It, too, is portable.  It was a tv dinner table, I think.  I can take it apart and put it in the car quite easily.  That is how I get it to Cozmo's house.  As you can see, it keeps all the wool cones, bobbins, etc together quite nicely too.  It keeps me (relatively) tidy.


Michelle said...

Wow, it's looking great Mary! I love seeing progress pics ;)

parlance said...

I do like it the way it is, but it will be interesting to see how you put it together.

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle and parlance. I am not sure how it will go once I take if off the loom, all those slits could collapse. I'll have to wait and see.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I found when I wove a tapestry with long slits (years ago) which I wanted to leave open to the end, that the strips twisted. I ended up sewing fishing sinkers at the back towards the end and connecting the strips just with a sewing cotton at the fringe line, which stopped that problem. If you just leave the slits open but connected to top and bottom, they should stay flat, - and the slits will be more noticeable. Your tapestry looks very interesting I love the colours and shapes. A nice contrast to the slits! and how great to be able to weave outside! -you have a nifty little loom! Looking forward to see how you go!

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, I had noticed that the left hand side of the top slits are tending to stick out further than the right hand sides - unless I push them flat and then they can show again if it all moves. I will have to think about your tips - thanks again.
I am thinking of trying to have a 3D tapestry with the slits joining each other from opposite sides - all twisted up, with both sides of the tapestry visible (which will take a lot of sewing in of ends) but will wait till I meet with my group to see what advice our curator gives - it is hopefully going to go in our exhibition that is in December.