Saturday, November 17, 2012

RMIT Textile Graduate Show

Ooops, I forgot to go to the Australian Tapestry Workshop Open Day!
But I did get to the RMIT Textile Graduate Show which opened last night.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the opening but the young man who was envigilating the show told me that it was packed.
It was at a new venue for me - Goodtimes Studio Basement, 746 Swanston St, Melbourne.  Thanks goodness for Google Street View, I was able to see what building I was looking for.  It is opposite Melbourne University, beside the rather large tram stop.  It is on from 17th to 21st of November.

The gallery is quite large and the work was easy to move around.  Being a textile exhibition, some of the pieces cried out to be touched.  But I restrained myself, except for a couple of books to look at.

The techniques were mostly print and weave and there was a wide range of applications of these techniques. Well worth a visit.  Congratulations to all the graduates.


Misha said...

Completely fascinated following your exraordinarily busy progress through the last few weeks. My, my, the way you do jump around from one medium to the next! I was especially interested in your lino cutting experiments - I have tried a little in the past with very 'average' results... (why do people say 'average' when they mean 'bad'. After all, average would be,ok, aceeptable but not ecceptional...)
You must tell us more about that sometime.

I suppose one of the attractions in home dyeing is the variability between batches - which will give interesting results in the final product.
You give much food for thought - more power to your elbow, Mary!

Mary said...

Hi Misha, You have just reminded me that I must do some of the lino cutting, it must be nearly time for lesson 3 to come and I haven't done lesson 2! It comes every 2 weeks.
I have been wondering what I will do with all the fabric that I am playing around with lately. Maybe I can do some lino printing on the silk I have been dyeing - something to think about.