Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tapestry Group meeting January 2012

Another good date to be blogging - 1/2/12
This one is a bit late, we had our monthly meeting of our Tapestry Group last Saturday but I am only just getting around to reporting.
Only four of us could make it this time.  It was the Australia Day 'long weekend' and it was hot, so we decided we would let the non-attendees off the hook.  Hopefully we will see more at the next meeting, on the last Saturday in February, at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild in Carlton.
Two of the ladies were working on the Square and Circles pieces for the AuNZ Tapestry Group Project for 2012.  Actually, it looks like they are nearly finished.

I have finished mine - how amazing that I am ahead of schedule.  It is not perfect but that wasn't the point for me, it was a learning experience.  It was quite a challenge as I decided to try to do the geometric shapes, something I am not good at.  And I had trouble with sewing up the slits, not sure why, I just did.
I decided that I was not quite happy with the overlapping shapes and started another one.  Here is a pic of my first one, the overlapping shapes. (I did mention it previously, here.)
All the pieces were relatively small as the challenge requires the pieces to be 20cm square or less.

We will need to find a new theme to work on now.  One member recommended that we bring along any cones of tapestry wool, or parts thereof, to swap at the next meeting.

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