Sunday, January 29, 2012

Putting music to my animation

As I have posted earlier, I made a little animation of my Artland work, based on Pattern Blocks.  At the time, it was suggested that I put music to it but I couldn't be bothered finding out about copyright, etc.
Lo and behold, someone I know has offered to compose a piece to go with it.  How exciting!
The music suggested that I slow down the animation and then I decided that the order of things needed to change a bit.  More learning of technology - not very sophisticated technology but still a challenge for me.
 So here it is. Our very first collaboration.


Anonymous said...

I think this worked out quite well!

Mary said...

Thanks Cardells, I had fun and I really like the music - it makes me tap my desk as I watch the video.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

I like it very much too! I enjoy the patterns and the music, I think it's very well done! :-)

Mary said...

Thanks Vera,
It is something different. I am trying to think of another to do but tapestry weaving seems a bit too slow! It would be too hard to get the photos all set up exactly the same, with the same lighting, not moving the frame, etc. But I would love to do a tapestry growing so I will think about it some more.