Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bobbin Winder

Some people are very clever! I visited a friend today and she showed me the bobbin winder that her partner had devised for her.  We had been discussing how to keep the weaving smooth and flat in our tapestries and she told me that it helps if you wind the threads on carefully.  Then she showed me her wonderful bobbin winder.

How good is this!!  It is an old drill clamped onto a piece of wood with a piece of metal in the bit grip.  I am told it works wonderfully well.

You might notice the old ironing board there too -  the small loom is clamped to it and then you can raise the weaving to the required height by lowering and raising the ironing board.  Very ingenious.


Michelle said...

That *is* ingenious! Your friend's partner should trademark that ;)

Mary said...

Michelle, It's wonderful on so many levels, I like the way it looks, it is reusing an old drill, it's cheap and I am assured that it works.